My name is Anna Ganina. I am a professional visual artist with 15 years of experience. During my career I have been focusing on creating work for art exhibits and galleries, as well as working on commission pieces for private collectors, interior designers, corporations, and local governments. My work has been displayed in galleries across the United States and Canada, and in the homes of private collectors in Europe.  

Through my experience, I have realized that the traditional way of commissioning an artwork is a time-consuming and expensive process. I thoroughly enjoy taking commissions, and now I can offer a more affordable way to order a custom painting. This is how Modern Art Portraits was created. My quick and easy method allows you to order a contemporary painting based on a photo you submit, customized to fit your taste. 

After I receive your photo, we will schedule a short virtual meeting to confirm all the details. We will discuss your preferences for a background, and whether you would like to add an artistic element such as your child's favorite toy, a selection from a poem, music notes, etc... Once this information is gathered I will turn your photo into a one-of-a-kind piece of art just for you! 

By eliminating multiple back and forth discussions, gathering all relevant details at the beginning of the project, and minimizing the number of revisions, I can offer you an affordable custom painting starting at $800. My approach is personal and unique with every customer. I love working with clients and figuring out the way to make their vision a reality.

"For me, painting a portrait is about capturing a person's personality, not simply documenting their likeness. I have always been drawn to faces. Each one is like a book - so much to see, so much to feel, so much to learn! I especially like to explore the subject of children and childhood in my paintings. I try to capture the transient nature of childhood and all the vulnerabilities inherent in it. " 


Born in Ukraine in 1981, Anna developed her unique brand of art through her schooling at the Academy of Arts in Odessa, Ukraine, and the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada. Via San Diego, Florence, and Vancouver, Anna eventually made her way to Austin, where she now lives and paints. Anna Ganina has drawn inspiration for her works of art from broad travels and her abundant life experiences as both a visitor and resident of many countries around the world.


Through her paintings, Anna goes beyond the obvious to uncover the symbolism within the human aspect of daily life. Her creativity and style come alive through her choices of imagery and materials. As a viewer of Anna’s images, one is transported to a world of fictional reality that exists in the recesses of the artist’s mind. Through her artwork, Anna challenges the observer to not only understand the scope of the actual image but also submit to the feelings that the image provokes.

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2012 BA degree from the University of Toronto in Art History, Toronto, ON
2011 BA degree from the University of Toronto in Ancient Greek and Roman History, Toronto, ON
2009-2011 Academy of Realist Art, Toronto ON
2007-2009 York University, Fine Art and Art History, Toronto, ON
2002 BA degree from Fanshawe College in Architecture, London ON


Wassman Fine Arts, Laguna Beach CA, 2010


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Beach Cities Style, June 2006
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2019 (Sep. – Oct.) Solo Exhibition, Bisong Gallery, Houston, TX
2018 (May-July) Solo Exhibition, SEAD Gallery, Bryan, TX
2018 (March-May) Group Exhibition, Texas State University, Round Rock, TX
2017 - Currently Group Exhibition, Art For The People, Austin, TX
2017-2018 Group Exhibition, Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2015 – Currently Group Exhibition, Austin Art Garage, Austin, TX
2015 Group Exhibition, Mission Federal Art Walk, San Diego CA
2015 Group Exhibition, Liberty Station Art Walk, San Diego CA
2014 Group Exhibition, Mission Federal Art Walk, San Diego CA
2012 - Currently Group Exhibition, La Bottega dell'Acquaforte, Laguna Beach CA
2012-2016 Group Exhibition, Art Seek, Dana Point California
2005-2008 Group Exhibition, Mission Federal Art Walk, San Diego CA
2007 Group Exhibition, Art Walk on the Bay, San Diego CA